Sculptor Malcolm Alexander Pens His Memoir

Sculptor, Malcolm Alexander — Image by kenne

“Theirs not to reason why: Theirs but to do and die.” – Alfred Load Tennyson

This Tennyson quote begins the introduction to “To Reason Why – A Memoir,” by Malcolm Alexander, a resident of Tanuri Ridge. Born on Valentine’s Day, 1925, Malcolm writes of his earliest memory lying in a crab with his hands enclosed in cigar-shaped tubes, which were to keep him from sucking his thumb. This may have set the tone for a child born of privilege and high expectations who would become a maverick and a sculptor.

Malcolm’s memoir chronicles his struggles in traditional education with dyslexia, going into the Marines at 18, contracting malaria and a severe lung condition in the South Pacific. After which, with doctors recommending a warm climate, he moved to Texas, married and became a cowboy.

Struggling with various jobs, his artist nature kept calling, so he began a path, which lead to painting, then to sculpture. His work includes documenting the American worker through sculpture, and works of famous entertainers such as Joe DiMaggio and Jimmy Stewart.

For a number years now, Malcolm’s work has focused more on abstract images of the female form.

Malcolm credits his struggles with dyslexia, and the resulting frustration, to his becoming an artist – “It taught me not to give up, to be persistent.”

Malcolm’s work can be viewed at

Malcolm Alexander — Image by kenne

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